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Future Fighter Planes of the United States


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 It is clear that the time and money being invested in such projects is well spent.  Right now the Raptor budget is around 99 billion dollars.  This is a huge number, but when considering the lives it could, and will, save in future conflicts, it is a small price to pay.  Spending such vast amounts of money on two projects like this would be a poor decision, which is why I commend the government on building a multi role platform, the F-35, to maximize benefit to budget ratio.  Either way, I think it would be generally agreed upon that you cannot put a price on a human life.  With the new higher performance aircraft coming out of Europe and other countries, a need for the next step in technology was clear.  In addition, if the United States were ever to go to war with a country that outnumbered us in population, say 5 to 1, such technology would allow us to maximize output per person in a manner unlike any other country would be capable.  These projects have extended some of the national security needs of the United States for decades to come, and the survivability of the soldiers of America for some time.