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Future Fighter Planes of the United States
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These are links to some of the military sites designated for future fighters, so the public can have some idea where their tax dollars are going.

Link to Joint Strike Fighter Home Page

Link includes basic information about the project, projected statistics, and list the various platforms.  There is also some media content worth viewing.

Link to F-22 Raptor Home Page

Link discusses plane performance and platform information, similar to the JSF site.  Also has links to other sites related to this aircraft.


This is the Air Force's home page.  Thus there are news updates about everything going on in the Air Force around the globe.

Air Combat Command

Air Combat Command is a site designated for Commanders of air combat, clearly.  It is relavent in that there are good news updates referring to progress being made with both the Raptor anf JSF projects.


Above is Lockheed Martin's direct link to their F-22 Raptor page.  Below is the link to their Joint Strike Fighter page.  I think that you will find both to be quite relavent and interesting.  There is also a photo gallery at this site.  You cannot view the high resolution pictures without registering, you can view the low resolution pictures.  This is for security purposes I believe.